Protect your Sources: Digital Security for Journalist

Balkon Tactics (@suysulucha) organize this intensive 3-day training. The goal is to teach technical and operational approach of digital security and its reasoning applied to the field of journalism. Specifically, we want you to know how to harden your equipment and communications, to be aware of the latest cyber threats and to understand how the Internet works in order to identify and prevent risks and act accordingly.

Inscriptions open -from 7 till 30 May

Crypto class-Encryption for the masses

During the Crypto Classes we will demonstrate why you need this and how to do it. Expect a practical workshop in an informal setting to teach participants about encrypting their webmail, instant messaging and disk storage with different techniques (from easy to ninja).
Crypto Classes are a rotating-bord of local digital security experts.

Crypto classes
IN PERSON TRAINING Temporary suspended due to COVID 19

Going after your digital shadow!

Have you lost track of how many accounts you've created? Have you install too many apps?  Many of which you don't even use. Have you clicked "I agree" way too fast, way too many times? Do you clean your digital devices?
Depending on theses answers, you might feel like your digital self is slipping out of control...

But, do you want to take back the control over your data? then, this work shop is for you!!!

Next rounds: October (5 weeks) and November (5 weeks) Drop us a line [ info [@] balkontactics [.] nl to get a remainder from us