Frequently Asked Questions

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About BalkonTactics

BalkonTactics is a public lab for people using digital media interested in learning how to survive in a post-surveillance world. We organize trainings, screenings, talks and workshops for anybody eager to learn about privacy options and avoid falling victim of their devices.

We also organize trainings and workshops for journalists & human rights defenders, tailored to your specific needs.

We are also a space where hackers, hacktivists and free software users come together to experiment with a variety of communication technologies.

We are interested in politics, communication and technology, which comes to be called techno-politic. We observe, research and debate about their interactions, as well as the relations between network movements and the current technopolitical practices in use.

We are also helping curious people, human rights defenders and investigative journalists to learn about their data privacy options through talks, screenings and tailored workshops.

We work with activists, allowing them to improve their organizational and communication skills. Our aim is to reveal greater impact of social struggles in all areas of society, taking advantage of the synergies of the network society.

We work to be an open, independent, horizontal, plural and self-managed collectivity.

We also seek to nullify the knowledge hierarchies of beginner/expert, focused on cooperative learning processes and shared knowledge. Anyone can collaborate in this collective building of knowledge with workshops or talks.

We are independent of government institutions. We do not seek support from them or political parties.

About Workshops & trainings

Each workshop/training generates its own methodology, documentation and learning process. Therefore we encourage you to fully read the calls for workshops.

The workshops have a strong practical focus so you will need to bring your own device to be able to follow them.

Unless it is specify, anyone interested can attend the workshops.

Bear in mind that each workshop/training generates its own methodology, documentation, learning and selection process. Therefore we encourage you to fully read the calls for the workshops you may be interested to follow.

Normally it is not necessary to register unless it is specify on the call. You can just walk in to the workshop with your laptop.

If you prefer you can always drop a mail.