Online security should be built in layers since no solution guarantee 100% protection


We are interested in politics, communication and technology, which comes to be called techno-politics.

We observe, research and debate about their interactions, as well as the relations between the spread use of Internet and privacy options nowadays.

We also help curious people, human rights defenders and journalists to learn about their data privacy options through talks, screenings and workshops.

On the agenda you can see when and what is happening! Don´t miss it!

Better Security & Privacy are obtained through simple choices and some knowledge


Helps people using digital media learning how to survive in a post-surveillance world.

Pre-Covid19, we coordinated a public agenda with trainings, screenings, talks and workshops for anybody eager to learn about privacy options.

Post-Covid19, we coordinate online trainings and workshops for those eager to learn about privacy options and avoid falling victim of their devices.

On our consultanting area, we work on demand. Mostly, we audit communications & research patrons in newsrooms and Human Rights organizations to tailor infosec trainings and workshops to their specific threat model.

Mastering online security a skill we all need going forward


We are of people who believe that computers, smartphones and online security does not require a degree or years of experience. All it requires is a strong will and someone to show you the way.

BalkonTactics is a public lab, a skill transfer space to debate and exchange network communicative tactics focused on privacy & security.

It is open to any curious collective or individuals wishing to learn about privacy options and enhance their digital communication tactics.

On this section you will find answers to your questions about our work, so please read through. If your questions are not solved here, please don't hesitate and contact us



Online Security could be similar to an ancient castle surrounded by various walls